Mexican Spanish in Tijuana

What’s special about learning Spanish in Tijuana? The thing about learning Spanish in a Spanish speaking country is something else, not only because of the language per se, but the culture within the experience.

The main objective in CAD Centro de Aprendizaje y Desarrollo is promoting cultural differences, breaking stereotypes, sharing fun facts, give practical knowledge about different disciplines and making people fall in love with their passion.

Spanish is not the exception, we’ve been fortunate to have people from Europe, Asia and North America with the desire to learn more from our culture and our language, Mexican Spanish.

clases particulares en tijuana

So, once we’ve introduced a fraction of ourselves, let’s meet up. Remember that we’re more than just a Spanish school in Tijuana.

Spanish in Tijuana for beginners

Our most popular Spanish course. Here begins your journey through our culture al language. Welcome to one of the most famous borders in the world.

Intermediate Spanish in Tijuana

Long time ago, an Italian teacher told us "Getting to intermediate is like a roller coaster, it feels too steep to get to the top, but once you get there everything will flow".

Advanced Spanish in Tijuana

For pros and those who enjoy a great challenge. We've had the amazing opportunity of watching people flourish and feel proud of their Spanish. One of the greatest rewards as a teacher.

Looking for Spanish online or on-site Spanish?

Spanish classes in Tijuana

Learn Spanish in Tijuana with native CAD Guides. This is the perfect chance to know about Mexican culture and learn Spanish in a fun and interesting way. The CAD Method adapts to your interests. Do you know how you learn best? If not, come and find out in CAD, if you do know, it will be a lot easier for you to learn Spanish. Take your Spanish classes with a cup of coffee.

Spanish online

Learn Spanish Online with Spanish native speakers. Wherever you are, from the comfort of you home (or at the office), you'll become a CAD Member. This means you'll get access to all of the material we got for you. Why do you want to learn Spanish? You'll go on vacation? You'll live in a Spanish speaking country? That's where we start, let's get practical with your Spanish course.

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    Spanish in Tijuana is an EXPERIENCE

    Of course, taking an online course is a lot simpler. However, CAD was created with the purpose of making education an experience.

    Spanish in Tijuana gives you CONTEXT

    You don't need to travel Paris to know how the Eiffel Tower looks like, but it certainly feels different. Here YOU WILL live a different context learning Spanish in Tijuana.

    Spanish in Tijuana might CHANGE YOUR LIFE

    We've seen people being touched by this thing Tijuana possess, people from Corea, Japan, Lithuania, Russia, Switzerland, and more. It just... changed them.

    Spanish course in Tijuana (Immersion Program)

    The Spanish immersion program was created for you to have the opportunity to practice and learn from native speaker teachers specialized in Spanish, through Mexico’s culture of course…

    The main objective of this intensive course is giving you the tools in a short time period (4 weeks of Spanish classes), in a small customized group, filled with people from around the world. This is a great way to prepare yourself (personal and professionally) and get to know our city.

    Location: Tijuana, Baja California

    Course length:

    • 4 weeks
    • 40 hours of Spanish classes

      Spanish school in Tijuana

      So you probably were looking for Spanish schools in Tijuana with no success. Our Spanish school began 4 years ago thanks to our CAD Guides (whom at the time were teaching English).

      They were the ones that discovered we could create such a special bond with a whole new world. It’s been a long road, however, if you’re committed to learn our language and culture, we’re here to support that.

      As we said before, this is an experience, it might be life changing or it might be a great story, you decide

      Living in Tijuana, taking the next step

      Ok, why are we talking about living in Tijuana when we should be talking about studying Spanish in Tijuana?

      CAD is not just a «school» it’s a community, and that gives our CAD Members the reassurance that we’ll try our best to help them… as much as we can.

      For example, we’ll try our best providing you info about the life in Tijuana, procedures, Airbnbs (if possible), news and important pieces of information, in case you’re new in the city.

      clases particulares en Tijuana

      Mexican Spanish vs Spain Spanish

      So… this is a thing online, we’ve looked it up. Apparently you guys have this doubt, so we created a video explaining you the differences between Spain Spanish and Mexican Spanish.

      Spoiler alert! They are VERY different. I you read closely this page and the Spanish online page, you’ll understand what we mean here. Every language is different, sometimes it’s so subtle that you’ll need to dig deeper, dive into the culture to really get words that just don’t make sense (lol).

      For example, in the Mexican language YOU’LL find yourself discovering that the word MADRE (Mother) can be used in TOO MANY ways… seriously, too many…

      Spanish lessons in Tijuana with natives

      Final thoughts… you can rest assured that you’ll be in great hands. If you’re in doubt, ask for a free lesson in the following form.