Spanish learning games CAN be FUN!

¿Is it possible to master Spanish through Spanish learning games? Our students always come to us wanting to learn Spanish in a natural way. And it comes to my mind that they often mistake this method. They seem to think it is about effortless learning, but to me, honestly it will not come to you without putting any effort into it.

I mean, you might not recall, but when you were younger it took you around 18 months to 2 years to begin to form two- to four-word sentences. Nevertheless, if you wanted to survive, you had to be able to communicate. Meaning that your survival mode was on all the time.

Back to learning in a natural way… there are many things you can do to revive that survival instinct of yours. You can try moving into a Spanish speaking country, and find yourself in the need of using the language.

If you find this approach a little too harsh, you might want to go back to when you were younger. And I don’t mean go back in time, what I mean is to start playing with the language!

4 Spanish Learning Games

Language needs to be played with, mix it, combine it and figure out the right combination to speak. I will enlist a few games that have helped my students with their Spanish:

Bananagrams in Spanish

This game is perfect to review your vocabulary. If you want to learn how to write a word, you can have someone dictate the word and you can put it together with the letters, then try to join them in the form of a crossword puzzle.

Pictionary in Spanish

This game can be played in two different ways for when you are learning a language. The first one is for Spanish beginners. You can play it the way it is supposed to be played. One player draws the word for the rest to guess and you practice your vocabulary. The second way is: One player reads the category and tries to describe the words, so the rest of the players can guess the words. This will help you start talking Spanish under pressure, since you have to do this under a minute.

Apples to apples (Manzanas con manzanas in Spanish)

It is a great way to learn new, real vocabulary and combine it with adjectives that will help you describe and elaborate Spanish phrases. This game is recommended for Basic Spanish. And it will make the Spanish vocabulary fun to learn! Unfortunately, it’s REALLY hard to find 🙁

Spanish games

Head’s Up (Look for Spanish decks in the app)

This game is perfect for practicing Spanish verbs (or English if you’re having trouble with those too), since most of the words that will come up are actions. You can either mimic them or describe them. The best part is that it takes record of your performance. This way you can also take a look at your pronunciation and see how you can improve it.

Spanish games

Spanish Learning Games can be of great help!

Spanish pronunciation can be harsh at first glance, but with games everything flows, so don’t think things too hard, have fun!

These are only a few Spanish learning games that have gotten our students closer to understanding the language in a natural way. The trick is to feel comfortable and relaxed when using the language. Think about it, these are games where you don’t feel the pressure of making a mistake because you can start again. So go ahead and win the Spanish language learning game!!

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