The best method to learn Spanish…?

Some English speaking members in the CAD community have shared with us their concerns about having the whole CAD website in Spanish… and we understand it can get a bit tricky when learning Spanish. But rest assured, we got your back on this matter. Here we’ll explain a part of the method we’ve been developing for the Spanish language. Thus, instead of a problem, we´ll take this as an opportunity to practice Spanish grammar.

What is a method?

First and foremost we are teachers and believe us, we’ve also got confused with this term in our early student days. Maybe because of the wide range of aspects that involves such meaning. Back then (even as natives) Spanish seemed like a lot to take, you would be amazed on how much a native can improve in some areas of the language.

However, after reading, observing, collaborating and discussing, we came to the conclusion that «method» stands for the general principles (or beliefs), pedagogy and strategies used for classroom instruction. In other words, it is the complete plan of a certain discipline, including teaching techniques, types of learners and activities. It also implies timing and content, with the objective of developing skills and values.

Likewise, there’s a concept that captures our attention and it is “TYPES OF LEARNERS”. In order to choose the best method, it all comes down to this, the “learner”. This is our focal point with the CAD Method, and it has to be yours if your intention is to achieve meaningful and significant learning in your next Spanish lessons.

Why is this important for Spanish learners?

In simpler words… well, you learn different, you´re special, and we could write you a whole book on this matter. But for now, trust us, your way of learning Spanish (or any other things in life) is different from others.

Learn Spanish fast

In addition, learners are the most important aspect when we talk about teaching. All this time (probably) you were wondering «What kind of method should I use to learn Spanish faster?😵» or «Which activity would save me some time, so I can speak Spanish once and for all?😫» Well, your answers were at the tip of your hands or maybe next door, who knows?

What do we mean by that? There’s always a way to talk to a native speakers or some Spanish students out there (or your smartphone), AND THOSE are “tiny little big PLANETS”… yeah by «planets» we mean people.

So, each planet (person) has its own previous knowledge, likes and dislikes, its own interests and, most importantly, “WAY OF LEARNING”. For example, we found out that, for some people, when learning colors in Spanish, singing songs were not as effective as actually painting. As a result, they felt more connected by experimenting with their hands, by movement, by doing it PRACTICAL…

Teach Yourself Spanish…

Surely, this is why (we believe) it’s very important to connect with others, in order to know how you can learn Spanish by Yourself best. In addition, there are more aspects to consider (OF COURSE) in teaching, which may be helpful for you to become an independent Spanish learner (or actually in any other subject):

  • General competency: Main and general goal for a student, in this case, YOU.
  • Content: Which content is more appealing to you.
  • Teaching techniques: In this part you may want to get advice from other Spanish learners, time to connect with others, you can do this!
  • Types of learners: Age, likes, dislikes, previous knowledge… for you this is the opportunity to be self aware. What do you like or dislike when you start studying Spanish? Try to learn from everybody.
  • Timing: Don´t skip the process, be patient and take solid steps when learning new things.
  • Skill to develop: Which skill do you want to focus on? This will take some time to organize, be consistent!
  • Values to develop: Not everything is Spanish phrases or Spanish vocabulary. If you really want to learn Spanish, it may take for to develop discipline, emotional intelligence, leadership, etc.
  • Approach: Which approach are you going to use? There’re tons and tons, for example, listening to Spanish Podcasts, reading Spanish articles or watching Spanish videos… your call. If you’re not familiarized with this, you can always send us a message.

Something to keep in mind…

Therefore, our conclusion is that all methods vary from each other, and some have similarities. It´s important to say that there is NO such thing as “best” or «worst» method. As every planet is different in it’s own way, the method to teach SHOULD be different too.

Finally, you, as a self learner, should identify a suitable way to learn, adapt to new environments and connect with more fellow learners. And by giving the best ways of conducting knowledge to others, YOU can help them empower their abilities to achieve meaningful and significant learning too (It’s the coolest way to show gratitude).

Spanish learning games
Spanish learning games

If you feel a bit lost when you try to study Spanish, remember you can shoot us a message for help… or click here if you are ready to start learning Spanish online 👈

Daniela Barrera
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